Thursday, March 18, 2010

Geauga Lake's Log Flume

I visited Geauga Lake October 2007 unknowing this would be the parks final weekend. I rode nearly everything and I'm glad I did, including the Pepsi Plunge the parks vintage log flume originally named "Gold Rush"


  1. Even when it was at it's peak I would still trade TR:TR any day for Kenton's Keelboat Canal.
    I am jealous that you got to ride this.
    (By the way, nice pictures!)

  2. I never rode Kenton Cove but judging from Hershey's Coal Cracker and Cedar Points White Water Landing I've rode, it had to been just as fun. I view a old school just as fun as a new school coaster. more to come! I'm glad someone at least is checking out this page.