Sunday, July 5, 2009

Barn Exploring

There was this Barn in my home town which looked to be on the verge of demolition and I wanted to check it out before it was gone for good. After a 3 min drive I arrive and walk across the street. The former farm house which was to the left of the barn is now a pile of rubble and on the right side of the Barn the new town Middle school has started construction.

This is what the front side of the barn looks like from the main road.

I travel along back and this is what I see.

I take a step inside and notice a few things left over from the previous owners.

I basketball hoop is hung in the middle of the barn along with a mattress.

I noticed there was something under the floor boards about at the same time I found some stairs leading below.

It looks like at one time animals use to call this place home but more recently it has become more of a storage room. There was a good collection of bikes down here.

Outside this window you can see the dozer which took down the farm house next to the barn.

Some of the many bikes found on this property.

Coming back up the steps a old door is found being used as floorboards.

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  1. Great update Paul. Nice to find such random treasure in the derelict barn. The basketball hoop is really cool as well as the retro bikes.